Train The Trainer


 Let’s revisit those UNMET  EXPECTATIONS

Most Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses owners do their own hiring. Larger companies sometimes still use outside search firms for key hires. This is expensive, often unnecessary and DOES NOT assure a successful hire.


Would you like to know why? I will show you. MORE IMPORTANTLY …

Whether your company is Small … to Very Large. Discover the keys to building a Winning Team that will exceed anything you believe possible.

DO YOU KNOW WHAT A BAD HIRE ACTUALLY COSTS YOU? It is MUCH MORE than most businesses realize – and I can show you how to put that cost into real numbers.  Regardless of your business size, this is an unnecessary burden and waste that you don’t need, and can dramatically reduce.

So, rather than continue to provide Selection, Hiring and Executive Search Services, I have chosen to focus on teaching you how to identify, hire and develop superior internal and outside hires.

My “Train the Trainer” programs are very popular with clients. It puts you and your staff in position to strategically control your own selection, hiring and development, while cutting costs dramatically. You and/or your designated staff will learn to easily implement this proven, integrated process whenever you choose.

Learn key, job critical information about applicants BEFORE they are hired. Our research validated assessments are superior and will help you HIRE TALENT – NOT MEDIOCRITY!
Call Now – I will be happy to provide you a “No Strings” Complimentary Demonstration. You’ll be glad you did!

Cut Costs and Reduce Stress!
Contact me to discuss how you can professionally and economically do far more in-house than you might have previously believed. Our system is easily learned and incorporated. It can save your company large amounts of money and produce TOP PERFORMERS.

Those Decision Makers among you with responsibility for large companies should contact me personally. Yes, your ‘Gatekeepers’ help protect you. It’s also a fact that Top Level Executives tend to become TOO INSULATED  from learning about cutting edge, Human Performance Science that can help you leapfrog ahead of your competition in talent acquisition, development and retention! Go ahead, call me! You have absolutely nothing to lose and possibly A LOT TO GAIN.

If the hiring needs of your company definitely require the services of a Professional, Executive Search Firm with a full spectrum North American reach, contact me. I will happily provide you a personal referral to a highly experienced company that incorporates the processes we so strongly believe in for identifying your optimum candidate(s).

-Rocklin Duffy
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