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Business Consulting & Coaching with ROCK!

Meet your Life Coach!Do you feel like you can do more with your life, but each time you try, an obstacle comes in your way? It’s a common sentiment shared by people who are enclosed inside the artificial bounds of their work, business or personal life.

Fortunately, there is a way to break out of those bounds without shaking the stability of your current life. If you’re tired of putting off your goals and dreams, try life coaching and start bringing them closer with each new day!

Rock Duffy is a Certified Professional Behaviors, Motivators and Performance Analyst.
However, Great Coaches don’t just pop out of coaching school.
They are Forged in the Fire of Life and on the Anvil of Experience!

To many people, Rocklin “Rock” Duffy is a Great Coach and Mentor. He began his career as a high school teacher and successful entrepreneur. He later transitioned into coaching other people to help to improve their personal and professional lives. Having learned from his experience as a teacher, life coach and lifetime successful entrepreneur and business owner, Rock has advised many companies as a trusted business consultant. He will provide you with a rock-solid foundation to build upon when starting or building upon a new relationship, business venture or career opportunity.

You will finally find a steady balance between your professional and personal life. Everything you do could be working towards the same greater goals in your life, instead of pulling you in opposite directions. With your shared commitment,Rock’s coaching will put you on that path with a clarity and focus  that will produce amazing progress!

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Rock’s Blog

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Every romantic, personal or business relationship, activity, event, product, purchasing experience, vacation etc. co…

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johnAltshulerRock has lived up to his name in more ways than I can count. Having been through various business experiences I have come to depend deeply on Mr. Rocklin Duffy – he has been a rock for my personal and business life! The consummate business advisor and educator he has assisted and directed me in ways that have increased my earning potential literally ten fold. In the past I have always learned from the school of hard knocks, a very painful and expensive process. Today is very different – I filter almost all serious business decisions through the expertise of Mr. Duffy. If I needed brain surgery I would not go to a chiropractor – I would seek out the best brain surgeon I could find. Rock is the best in his field. 

First Testimonial
Lindsey-PullenRocklin Duffy is a man of insight, experience, and wisdom that can pinpoint your companies’ needs and provide you with accurate steps to take in order to fulfill those needs. Rock is an intelligent man with keen intuition. If you are serious about moving your company to the next level then you need to make a committed investment in Rock Duffy LLC and his services. Rock can quickly identify the areas or people that cripple your organization and he can eloquently coach all levels of management through the process. If you are tired of dancing with the wrong staff and want to find employees who will best fit your organization, then, I strongly suggest that you let go of any skepticism and procrastination and “Just Do It.”

Second Testimonial
JaniceProudfitHis benchmarking processes and talent survey tools are unparalleled. You will be awed by his insights and effectiveness in helping you move through various phases of your business and personal life!  Rock, Thank you for working tirelessly to help me pursue a better life. Your coaching has moved me ahead in my business and personal life by light years. With your guidance and unwavering support I have come to “Know Myself”. If everyone understood the dynamics that you teach so well, I truly believe we would have a healthier, more productive, efficiently run, value driven, happier world in which to live!

Third Testimonial
Art-Roxanne-Miller Each of us came to Rock with some fears, trepidation and our share of “life baggage.” In our couples coaching, he began teaching us about our overlapping compatibilities in a positive and informative way. We also learned about our differences and the importance of appreciating and respecting them also.  He challenged and exposed our personal beliefs to bring us closer together, while at the same time helping us remain individuals. We are now very happily married! We have chosen to have Rock continue to assist us in setting and achieving new goals and interests. Following his suggested guidelines for daily improvement and self discovery we have become a strong, loving couple. Our life is unfolding beautifully as we plan our future together! 

Fourth Testimonial

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