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Intro to Expectations

Think about it…

Every romantic, personal or business relationship, activity, event, product, purchasing experience, vacation etc. comes wrapped up in your pre-determined expectations.

What are (do you believe) they are based on? Is it experience, hopes, dreams, fears, books, movies, fantasy, or fact? Are you sure?

Do your expectations tend to be positive? Or, do you tend to expect and look for the negative?  Consider your thoughts about little things and big things in your life.

Also consider those matters that are immediate or near term vs. medium or long term.

Does a pattern come to mind?

How might your pattern of expectations, positive or negative, flavor and influence your behavior in various business and personal situations?

Do your expectations take others into account – or just you?

  • Do you consider the expectations of others?
  • Do you ask? Do you share honestly?
  • Are any of these discussed? … Communication is critical!

What role do you believe YOU play in the outcomes of your expectations?

You may have heard of ‘Self Fulfilling Prophesies’. Do you realize that these are expectations?

Are they realistic? Based on what? How do you make that determination?

In the past, is it possible you have ‘set yourself , or others’ up for failure? Have you at times found it a little too easy to say “I just knew it wouldn’t work out?” Or,

I”ll try” – followed by “well, I tried.” 

Could this be ‘self sabotage’?

Do you realize that ‘negative self sabotage’ is merely the mirror reverse of  ‘positive self creation’? People who think and talk negatively find it easy to say:

I just knew things wouldn’t work out.”

Prolonged expectations become habits. Where do yours live? They can elevate and advance you, or they can suppress, depress and hold you back. Which do you prefer? It’s your choice! Remember, they take on a momentum of their own. If your momentum is not moving you in the direction you want, your thoughts MUST CHANGE, because that’s where it begins.

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