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Private Relationship and Life Coaching, as well as Executive Coaching is very important to many of our clients – and it is the optimum way for us to personalize your Coaching experience.  If you are interested in exploring Private Coaching and/or survey evaluations and consultation(s) with Mr. Duffy, please make a written request via read receipt email to this office. Or, just give us a call today at 1-800-747-0452 Are you ready for a fresh start? Call Right Now for Happiness, Health and Success by Design … Not by Wishing and Hoping.

Adding Value” to your life with Private Coaching

We cannot outperform our self image! Part of our self image derives from competence and skills. Understanding of, and greater confidence in our competence and skills raises our self image.

Therefore, our potential for higher performance improves. Once you are (truly) aware of the dominant motivators within you that do or “could” contribute passion and purpose to your life, you will be able to clarify what drives your actions and helps you be happy, as well as what causes conflict, stress and unhappiness.

Example: Do you find yourself  questioning whether you are in the right career, or relationship? Knowing your inner motivators will help you more calmly and wisely decide on a course of action – and results in improved decision making. In addition, applying an understanding of your own motivators to your relationships with others will deepen your appreciation of them and help clarify the “why” of your interactions.


Some Benefits of Coaching

• Learn the why of your automatic reactions and how they affect your life.

• Understand the causes of conflict in your life and how to reduce them.

• Develop an increased understanding of, and appreciation for, each of the motivators that drive and reward you.

• Gain the relaxed flexibility and power of being able to see life from different perspectives and viewpoints.

• Make life and career choices that are more in line with your underlying passions.

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You Will Learn:

Your personal formula to becoming the happy, healthy, prosperous, self actualizing person you are capable of being.

Why so many good faith efforts to establish meaningful relationships fail. Learn why this repeating pattern happens and how to break free of it.

How to manage the thoughts and voices in your mind that have limited (often severely) your ability to achieve and maintain GENUINE optimism and self confidence.

The 3 critical components of reprogramming your inner voices.
How to overcome years, decades, even a lifetime of negative thinking and programming.

Why many, or most of your problems and challenges are self-created  and how you can reduce or eliminate them more easily than you may currently believe possible.

How to break free of the cycles of anger, blame, resentment and withdrawal that plague many marriages and other relationships.

How your expectations may be sabotaging your life … and how to make strategic course corrections that will better serve you.

Why Most top Athletes, Celebrities, Executives and other highly paid professionals wouldn’t consider going without their own Life Coach.

The type of person you can, and must become to be genuinely happy and successful, personally and professionally. The rewards can be enormous!

How you can benefit, even transform your life through Professional Life and Relationship Coaching. And much more!

Cycling-Mature-Couple Unfortunately, some people who could really benefit from Professional Coaching say they can’t afford it. Or, they say “After things get good, then I will get a coach.” Interestingly, top performers credit their commitment to coaching with their achieving success. For them, Coaching is an essential ingredient for achieving success – not an afterthought.

This reminds me of a story that may help illustrate the point:

What would you think of a person who sits in front of the fireplace, puts their feet up and says “When this thing starts to kick out some real heat, then I’ll go gather some wood and build a fire” Sound ridiculous? Sadly,  millions of people go through life doing just that in one way or another.

Until you are committed to building a fire within yourself, NOTHING of REAL SIGNIFICANCE WILL CHANGE FOR YOU … OR LAST … EVER!

A Professional Relationship and Life Coach can show you how to build that inner fire – and keep it burning for a lifetime!



Following are some popular topics that can be explored and discussed

  • Attraction – The Law of
  • Breathing – More health vitality for free
  • Choice – Living a life of, vs.: Have To
  • Control – Controlling and/or being controlled
  • Confidence – Having, getting & keeping it
  • Communication – The number one risk area, and most people don’t have a clue
  • Decisions – The more high quality decisions you make, the better your life
  • Energy – Generate or consume
  • Excuses – Related to Rationalizing
  • Expectations – based on what?
  • Failure – What to do with it
  • Feeling Loved – Auditory- kinesthetic-visual-mixed
  • Happiness – A matter of choice
  • Impending events – Fuel for life
  • Interpretations – We live in a sea of them
  • Learning Styles – Surprise-they vary
  • Motivators – What actually drives you – priorities
  • Natural Behaviors – How you deliver yourself into the world
  • Nutrition & Lifestyle – Critically important
  • Parents – What color glasses are you wearing?
  • Patterns – What keeps showing up in your life – why?
  • Personal Accountability – Without it you’re far less than you can be
  • Perspective – Everything is relative
  • Problems – are normal
  • Procrastination – The great thief
  • Posture – Body language speaks volumes
  • Politics – High risk minefield for relationships! A misstep can be very costly.
  • Religion – Its possible importance in relationships
  • Resistance to Change – too much can leave you stuck
  • Self Fulfilling Prophesies – can destroy or propel
  • Self Sabotage – can last a lifetime
  • Self Talk – An absolute MUST LEARN
  • Situational Ethics – do you actually believe integrity and ethics are situational?
  • Success – What is it … for you?
  • Teleological – Major light bulbs WILL go on for you during this discussion
  • Values – What matters, why & how much
  • Victim – Self created suffering
  • Waste – Time, money, relationships, health, credibility = YOUR LIFE

This Powerful Coaching Program is absolutely Loaded with Gold Nuggets!

What would your life Look, Sound and Feel like if you could break through the wall of Anxiety, Stress and Fear?

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