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Rocklin Duffy - Certified Professional Behaviors, Motivators & Performance Analyst. CPBA, CPVA

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Meet your Life Coach!Entrepreneur, Business Consultant, Trainer, Speaker, Inventor and Personal Coach for nearly thirty years, Rocklin Duffy is “Dedicated to Identifying and Developing Human Potential” both in the business environment, and in people’s private lives.

His life and business experiences run wide and deep, ranging from a broad spectrum of small and medium businesses to Fortune 500 and 100 companies. Clients include IBM, Mary Kay, MCI, Stauffer Seed Co, Teleconnect, Xerox, & Young and Rubicam.

He has served as President/CEO, Executive VP and National VP of Sales in a variety of industries including: Commercial Design, Sales & Marketing, Telecommunications and Golf.

Early in his career, Rock facilitated programs for his most respected colleagues and clients. Among them:

  • “Professional Selling Skills” – IBM
  • “Xcellence Learning Systems” – Xerox
  • “Achieving Your Potential” by Louis Tice & The Pacific Institute
  • “The Psychology of Winning” by Dr. Dennis Waitley
  • “Psycho-Cybernetics – Affirmation and Visualization” – Dr. Maxwell Maltz
  • “The Universal language… DISC” – Bill Bonnstetter, Target Training Int’l.

He has presented hundreds of business and personal development seminars including:

  • Building Curiosity into Action … The Five Step Bridge to Sales Success
  • Consultative Relationship Selling
  • The Transformational Power of Psycho Cybernetics
  • Increasing Communication through Understanding Behaviors & Understanding Values
  • Reading people
  • Team Building
  • Participative Management
  • Developing a Corporate Identity
  • Four Dimensional Analysis
  • Prospecting
  • The Professional Selling Skills Series
  • The Psychology of Selling
  • Stress Management
  • The Power of a Proper Introduction and How to Give One

In 1989 Rock founded Duffy Golf, Inc. Developing and producing “The DreamGreen”, the widely acknowledged “Most realistic, game improving indoor putting greens on the planet.” His wife, Lisa Duffy, former fashion designer / manufacturer and owner of “Lisa Clark Designs” was President and CEO. They sold their company to “The Golf Tank” in 2012 and retain a financial interest. Curious? Visit www.TheOnlyGreen.com

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Rock places core emphasis on “diagnosis before prescription”, for both business and individuals to realize their true potential. For a business to maximize its potential his recommended foundational principal is – Identify and hire only pre-tested, pre-screened, job-matched candidates for the job they are expected to perform … at EVERY level.

REMEMBER THIS! Skills are transferable from one person to another … Talent is NOT! This is the foundation for achieving pre-eminence in your business, industry, or geographical market area.

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