Talent Assessments & Surveys

It is our professional experience and belief that the assessments we use are the most valid, predictive, research-based instruments available.

For your convenience, all surveys are confidentially handled via the Internet. This allows us to rapidly gather and provide you information, anywhere in the world.

We have many specialized assessment and comparison instruments available to us.  They measure and incorporate each of the following aspects of a person.

Assessment Products and Services Available

These include a wide array of the finest, research validated personal and business assessments and surveys. Among them are:

  • The Natural DISC Behavioral Measurement is considered the “Gold Standard” for measuring human behavior. It has been used over 50 million times and retains an amazing accuracy near 90%. Our model takes the standard 4 Factor DISC model to a 12 factor integrated measure that identifies how the 4 Primary Factors influence each other. This methodology takes the value of DISC to an entirely new level and is quite simply the finest available anywhere, at any priceRequest a Quote!
  • The Personal Chemistry with Your Partner – and The Personal Compatibility with the Boss Measurements. This is another Revolutionary Component of our process. Because we are able to measure Critical Thinking, Values/Motivators, and Behaviors, we can compare the Interpersonal Dynamics between people in any business or personal relationship. Request a Quote!
  • The Drivers/Motivators Measurement is built upon work of Harvard University’s Gordon Allport. He refined Dr. Eduard Spranger’s initial work around the 7 Universal Drivers that identify the “internal personal agenda” that each individual strives to satisfy as they implement their critical thinking. We are able to measure both the hierarchy and intensity of these drivers. Individuals are influenced by their most intense drivers AND their least intense drivers. This information provides insight into how a person will PRIORITIZE their critical thinking as they approach their problems, challenges and opportunitiesRequest a Quote!
  • The Critical Thinking Capacity Measurement is a modern application of Dr. Robert S. Hartman’s Nobel Nominated research into “how the human business brain works.” This revolutionary work delivers an accurate measure of the individuals capacity to make the right, bright decisions when faced with the problems, challenges and opportunities they will encounter on a daily basis. (additional information provided at your request) Request a Quote

**If you wish to learn more about these and other personal and business related measurement surveys, just let us know. Information and pricing will be provided to you.

*Individuals and companies having an interest in private or small group survey evaluations, consultation or presentations, Please contact our office.



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