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'Health & Wellness Advocate’

CEO- Health Metrics, USA

Nationally Recognized Health & Wellness Advocate

Rock has lived up to his name in more ways than I can count. Having been through various business experiences I have come to depend deeply on Mr. Rocklin Duffy – he has been a rock for my personal and business life!

The consummate business advisor and educator he has assisted and directed me in ways that have increased my earning potential literally ten fold. In the past I have always learned from the school of hard knocks, a very painful and expensive process. Today is very different – I filter almost all serious business decisions through the expertise of Mr. Duffy. If I needed brain surgery I would not go to a chiropractor – I would seek out the best brain surgeon I could find. Rock is the best in his field.

I have found it exceedingly difficult to locate a business advisor or coach that has mastered the key elements in living business and personal lives with genuine integrity and honor. Rock’s entrepreneurial background, compassionate heart, skill of perception, accurate intuition, clarity of thought and thoughtful communication makes it easy for him to hit the target quickly and accurately.

Rock taught me years ago a process of understanding human decision making and of all the time we have spent and all the coaching I have received from him… this concept has served me in the most profound ways. This is information everyone interacting with human beings should know and understand.

It has been said that one of the most powerful things you can do in your lifetime is the journey to “Know Thy Self”. Before you can help and serve others, You need to “Know Thy Self”. Before you can successfully lead others with integrity and vision you need to “Know Thy Self”!

If Tiger Woods, Michael Phelps, and the Donald Trumps of the world choose to have a coach to achieve better results, why shouldn’t you? If you are at the top of your game and want to stay there or are working to get to the top of your game – it is a fact that Rock Duffy has the talent and skill to be your tour guide and teacher to a highly performing, value driven business and personal life.

In my personal coaching with Rock he has assisted me in re-wiring myself – it is not what he did for me – it was how he helped me learn about myself and caused me to redesign certain aspects of my life. My experience has been empowering. When you begin to truly understand yourself through his talent survey tools and interpretations, your fresh “Empowerment” changes how you see others and accelerates your ability to live and work more effectively.

Rocklin Duffy is unlike any coach I have encountered or experienced in the past. Rock’s business experience lends itself to expertly focus on core issues that drive success. His business acumen is balanced with strategic thinking and a healthy dose of intuition. He has high ethical standards, unwavering integrity and an amazingly broad range of competencies.

As a coach, Rock has figured out the balance between delivering hard hitting insights and acknowledging the positive and productive traits and characteristics of an individual, company or situation. It is extremely rare to find all the talents and skills that Rock Duffy has, contained in one person. A true master is one that guides YOU in achieving self understanding and mastery, and Rock Duffy is a Master.

His job matching and benchmarking processes and talent survey tools are unparalleled. You will be awed by his insights and effectiveness in helping you move through various phases of your business and personal life.

Rock, Thank you for working tirelessly to help me pursue a better life. Your coaching has moved me ahead in my business and personal life by light years. With your guidance and unwavering support I have come to “Know Myself”. If everyone understood the dynamics that you teach so well, I truly believe we would have a healthier, more productive, efficiently run, value driven, happier world in which to live!

 John Altshuler – CEO – Health Metrics USA Inc.
‘Nationally Recognized Health & Wellness Advocate,  Speaker & Trainer.’


RussDeVanRock Duffy has been my friend, mentor, and “coach” for (dare I say?) more than thirty (30) years !! A young, green, know-it-all, at the ripe age of 27, it was my good fortune that allowed me to benefit from Rock’s guidance as my manager, in a multi-million dollar petroleum products company. Under his tutelage, I grew to become a Divisional Vice President of that company, in just three short years.

Although our individual lives have taken many turns over the course of three decades, our friendship has remained constant. Rock has a passion for coaching, an ear for listening, and a powerful commitment to results. These gifts , combined with a strong background in personal development technology, give a decided edge to anyone equally committed to having their life work better.

Rock has developed, designed, and gained a mastery of the techniques and the application of certain tools that may assess someones own personal behavior “fingerprint” and knows how to coach anyone, for optimal results in business or life.

As a student of personal growth information and technology myself, and a life and business coach for more than 25 years, I can say with confidence that Mr. Duffy is among the best in the business. If you are committed to a breakthrough in your business or personal life, there is no finer ally or better choice than Rock Duffy.

Russ DeVan
Success by Design, inc.


A coach!  Why would I need a coach?  I’m a well trained therapist… and nurse practitioner who should know this stuff. I’ve worked through past issues of depression and trauma with a brilliant psychiatrist. My practice was doing well and then I crashed with a virus. Brushing my teeth was overwhelming.

I continued working, but relapses were common and I finally had to stop. It’s been 3 years since I left my beloved clients.

As a thrilled new grandmother with a healthy husband, kids and father, I kept thinking I was adjusting to a chronic illness. But I was disappointed in myself for not being the kind of grandmother, wife and daughter I wanted to be.

A family friend who is one of his Coaching clients kept mentioning Rock to me over the past 3 years. One day when I was especially frustrated, sick and getting more and more depressed, I finally dialed his number. I expected to reach a voice mail, but Rock answered. He spoke with an authoritative and compassionate tone that touched my heart!

As I learned more about his assessment and interpretation skills and his wide range of expertise, I came to appreciate that he had far more to offer than just a sympathetic ear.

There were ups and downs, but in only a few months, with his steady, supportive guidance I have rediscovered myself! I am a happier person now and I have regained a sense of calm and confidence.

One of the many traits I appreciate the most in Rock is his ability to convey the truth to me in a way that I am actually able to hear.

Sometimes even the most stubborn and strong people need to reach out. He is the right person. I am so grateful that I finally made that call!

Sandy Cashion


Dear Rock,

 Dr. Leonard Smith, DDS

In the 40 years that I have been in the Practice of Dentistry,  I have had opportunities to experience a number of other human resource consultants .

Your initial assessment, the coaching report, your approach to the interpretation of its results and your suggestions for application of these results in the follow up discussions are without a doubt the very best.

The resultant application of the suggestions that you made during the debriefing session have made a significant positive impact for me and the team of Professionals who work with and for me.

I am pleased to strongly recommend you and your services to any other health care provider!

Yours respectfully,

Dr. Leonard B Smith
Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry


Rock Duffy is a Master Sales Strategist, Superb Coach and Mentor!

I have partnered with Rock on numerous occasions and have seen him in action in front of many audiences delivering an excellent message each and every time.
The characteristics that best describe Rock for me are his integrity, candor, and willingness to share his rich knowledge and experiences with others.

Dr. Bob Ruotolo, Senior Partner
Quantum Performance Group, LLC


Lindsey-PullenWho is Rocklin Duffy and What Can He Do for Your Organization?

Rocklin Duffy is a man of insight, experience, and wisdom that can pinpoint your companies’ needs and provide you with accurate steps to take in order to fulfill those needs. Rock is an intelligent man with keen intuition. If you are serious about moving your company to the next level then you need to make a committed investment in Rock Duffy LLC and his services.

Rock can quickly identify the areas or people that cripple your organization and he can eloquently coach all levels of management through the process. If you are tired of dancing with the wrong staff and want to find employees who will best fit your organization, then, I strongly suggest that you let go of any skepticism and procrastination and “Just Do It.” Work with an unparalleled professional who has your best interest at heart and who can provide you with what all companies need to be successful ~ the truth. He will tell you the truth and you will be astounded by it.

In addition to professional business services, I have also utilized Rock for personal coaching. Again, the process and results have been enjoyable and valuable. I think he is a tremendous person who brings great value to this world and those of us who are fortunate to work with him.

Take the opportunity to work with Rock Duffy and you will find that you are walking side-by-side with one of the best.

I wish for you great opportunity and success.

Warm regards,
Lindsey Pullen
Marketing Director
Animal Medical & Surgical Center ~ North Scottsdale


Working with Rocklin Duffy as our coach has been a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding experience! We came to him as a relatively new couple with a desire to be happy in our new relationship. Each of us also came with some fears, trepidation and our share of “life baggage.”

Rock began our coaching with an assessment survey to get an objective understanding of who we were. Then, during our follow up discussions he guided us in achieving a clearer understanding who we were and discovering who we really wanted to become. His assessment and highly insightful interpretation process opened our eyes and laid the groundwork to seeing and putting in motion the possibilities that lie within us.

In our couples coaching, he began teaching us about our overlapping compatibilities in a positive and informative way.
We also learned about our differences and the importance of appreciating and respecting them also.

He challenged and exposed our personal beliefs to bring us closer together, while at the same time helping us remain individuals.

We are now very happily married! We have chosen to have Rock continue to assist us in setting and achieving new goals and interests. Following his suggested guidelines for daily improvement and self discovery we have become a strong, loving couple. Our life is unfolding beautifully as we plan our future together!

Art and Roxanne Miller
April 13, 2010


If you remember years past when finding employees was much easier, less expensive and lots of candidates to choose from as we do, then you will enjoy working with Rock Duffy.

Through benchmarking and assessments, he has taught us how to find the right team member or leader the first time. Matching the talents of many with the job can make the challenges of today’s business environment much more manageable..

Rock offers many solutions and is very open to discuss what fits each company and situation. We highly recommend you take the time to review with Rock your needs and believe you will be impressed with the results he will deliver.

Always Positive,
Howard J. Fleischmann



To Whom It May Concern:

With gratitude and an open mind, I have participated in many training and coaching programs sponsored by employers who invested significant sums of money to sharpen my skills and to ensure my performance continued to be at optimum levels with respect to sales, management and customer service quality.

Truthfully, many of these programs started to lack luster and sound terribly redundant over the years…until I was fortunate enough to meet Rock Duffy.

Utilizing Rock Duffy’s coaching and consulting services was the best money I have ever spent. He not only provided the most thorough Coaching Report I had ever seen, but the manner in which he shared the results was insightful, perceptive and overtly honest. His sincerity, astute intuition and ability to communicate openly, sets him apart from other professionals who claim to provide similar services.

Rock is a true mentor who cares about people and their success in life. He is very business savvy and knows how organizations should be structured to achieve maximum efficiency and desired results. As with any great coach, Rock emphasizes that the key is to place the right people in the right positions.

If leaders would adhere to his advice, I believe they would save a multitudinous amount of money, eliminate unnecessary turnover and operate their organizations like well-oiled machines.

Having access to Rock and the sophisticated tools he so simply interprets, is like carrying a personal CEO in your back pocket. He provides the edge we all need, not only in business relationships, but in our personal lives, as well.

Andrea Kassels – Banker


Dear Rock,

I am pleased to say that you and your seminars have earned my wholehearted endorsement.

As you know, over 30 of our employees, plus their spouses attended your seminar program. The participants have been very enthusiastic about the benefits to them both professionally and personally. I have received an impressive number of written thank yous along with a great number of people telling me how much they value the program.

The obvious reason for my sponsoring my employees and making this investment is to improve their on-the-job performance. In this area, the effects have been beneficial and significant. The level of employee morale has never been better and I attribute that to the effect of your seminars on our people. In particular, I have seen noticeable and worthwhile changes in some employees that I did not believe you could accomplish!

All in all I am very pleased with the outcome of the seminars. It has been a significant financial and time investment to sponsor all of my employees and their spouses in the program. Based on the very real imrovements I have seen in employee morale, sales and and performance, it has been well worth it! Thank you.


Bruce McGrath
McGrath Pontiac, Inc


To whom it may concern,

The Management staff at Paramount Windows Corp. first became acquainted with Rock Duffy in 2006. Paramount was experiencing explosive growth at the time and needed real world staffing solutions. Rock was instrumental in coaching and focusing the senior management team on just how to go about attracting and keeping key personnel. Although somewhat skeptical at first we agreed as a management team to undergo an assessment individually to test the validity of the program.

The results of the assessment were astounding to say the least. We as a management team learned so much about ourselves as managers and as individuals and how to communicate more effectively with very positive outcomes. Once this system of assessment had proven itself, we employed its use in filling key positions within our organization with very positive results.

Although the assessment tool is a valuable one, the expertise that Rock Duffy brings to the table in the interpretation of the information is without equal and very insightful. Rock has a very unique capacity for looking beyond the obvious and is very intuitive. I personally have used Rock’s services as a coach and find him to be an excellent sounding board and an astute business man.

Rock is always professional and never avoids saying what needs to be said no matter how hard it is to hear. I highly recommend Rock Duffy.


Chet Willis – Chief Operating Officer
Paramount Windows Corp.