Candidate Selection

Now that the job’s Key Accountabilities have been clearly identified and what behaviors, motivators and personal skills are required to successfully achieve them, it is time to accurately match talent to the position.

Research proves interviews are less than 20% accurate in determining if a person “will” do the job. Isn’t it time for a superior system?

The degree to which employees at any and every level match the Behavioral Requirements of the job, have solid Motivation for Success and can bring the right Soft Skills to the job, the organization will increasingly benefit from Superior Performance!

Ask yourself these two questions:

  1. Have I ever hired someone for their knowledge or technical skills and ended up firing them for their attitude?
  2. Have I ever hired somewhat who did not meet my expectations?

Well, you are not alone. The Center for Creative Leadership says “A full 90% of all the individuals fired in Fortune 500 Companies are fired for lack of positive personal characteristics.” Yes, even the largest companies have this problem. It is absolutely critical for you to know more about these personal characteristics and their match to the job BEFORE you hire someone.

For those that are already in place, this knowledge will bring much greater clarity to all aspects of communication, motivation, management and development. No more guessing!

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1212912_growing_graph (1)Typically, the total investment for assessment of an entire staff, including feedback with management, is far less than your cost of turnover of just one valued employee.

By placing top people in those jobs and positions that are most suited for their unique talents, more profit and growth is created. We also provide you the tools and methodology to develop and retain these top people. This gives you a solid foundation for reliable succession planning!