More about Rock - Some personal background.

Rock-Standing-Web-resizedHello there!
I’m Rocklin Duffy, your Business, Relationship and Lifestyle Coach. Most people end up choosing to call me “Rock.” If you’re interested in developing a whole new quality of relationships with Appreciation, Respect and Honesty as the foundation, you’re in the right place!

Coaching clients are often curious to learn a little additional,  personal information that goes beyond the ‘Bio’ page. An author coach and personal friend has recommended I do this for a long time. So, if you want to know a bit more, here goes:   My parents apparently noticed the name “Rocklin” while driving through California, and kept it in mind for a son. They were horse lovers, and I wasn’t very old before I wanted one of my own. Imagine my surprise on my 4th birthday when I woke up to see my first horse, Packy, staring me in the face. 

You read that right—my parents brought a live horse right into my bedroom! My Mom surely had her fingers crossed on that one. That morning further solidified my love of animals that eventually led to several early entrepreneurial ventures. I’ve raised and sold tropical fish, ferrets, rabbits…and later, my first love—horses. I grew up in Fairfax, a very small town near Cedar Rapids Iowa. It was an excellent place for kids with a ball diamond, big creek, woodland, quarry, barns etc.  (Remember when kids played outside year-round and had to be forced to come in?) And we survived!


Rock Duffy, Teacher

In addition to animals and nature, I’ve been interested in reading and learning as long as I can remember. I put myself through college working construction and finishing concrete in the summer and selling fine mens clothing the rest of the year.  Upon graduating, I still wanted to know more, so I pursued graduate and post-graduate work. Then I transformed from student to teacher at the junior and senior high school level. In my spare time I began my own successful landscaping company, which grew to over 50 residential, commercial and industrial accounts.

Rock Duffy, Business Consultant

After a few years, I transitioned my teaching career to the college level and continuing education courses to help motivated adults advance their careers.  This shift became my lead-in to reinventing myself as a business consultant to small and medium-sized businesses.

Rock Duffy, Trainer and Professional Speaker

My hunger for knowledge found another gear, and I sought out additional specialized education.  I became a certified facilitator and trainer of highly respected and sought-after programs, including: •    The Psychology of Winning ~ by Dr. Denis Waitley •    Professional Selling Skills ~ IBM •    Xcellence Learning Systems ~ Xerox.  Thanks to my teaching experience, my polished and professional speaking and presentation skills were a huge asset. My client base quickly grew to include Fortune 500 and 100 companies such as IBM, Mary Kay, MCI, and Xerox. I traveled all over the country delivering well-received platform and boardroom presentations. My closet was full of custom-made suits, and expensive Italian shoes and ties. Then — everything changed! We lost our new baby daughter in her first week of life. It was a life changing experience! Not long after that I realized I wasn’t happy traveling so much, and being away from my wife and two sons.

Rock Duffy, Entrepreneur

So, I stepped back from this fast-paced lifestyle to rely on my talents as an entrepreneur.  In 1989 I founded Duffy Golf, Inc., manufacturer of  The DreamGreen, which became widely acknowledged as the most realistic, fully contourable  indoor putting greens in the world. My wife, Lisa, former fashion designer, owner and manufacturer of “Lisa Clark Designs,” became President and CEO of Duffy Golf, Inc. Scottsdale, Arizona was our home office. Our special companion Casper, a Maltese was our honorary CEO and official greeter. In September of 2012 we sold our business of 23 years  to ‘The Golf Tank’ of Scottsdale, AZ.

In 2015 I ‘Retired from Retirement’ and joined forces with John Altshuler, a friend of 25 years to found Health Metrics USA, a Medical products and services company helping Physicians to deliver improved patient care while simultaneously improving the financial health of their practice … without adding to administrative burden!

Rock Duffy, Executive and Life Coach

Throughout the years I intensified my study of human behavior and motivation. I also coached a select group of individuals, most of them being executives within my client companies. I also worked with businesses to improve their hiring decisions. My consulting in this area continues today. The resources I use for helping companies  are absolutely incredible. If you’re interested in how I help companies hire the best employees, please visit for information on the services as well as details about the Executive Coaching I do. This led to increased coaching of executives, individuals, and couples who were looking for better relationships with their employers, their jobs, their spouses—and most importantly, a better relationship with themselves. This continues to be an important and personally rewarding element of my business.

Rock Duffy at Home

Yes, I’m busy, but I’m not working with clients all the time. My truly amazing wife Lisa, founded her own Women’s Fashion Company under her own “LISA CLARK” label and turned out five collections each year from Winnipeg & Toronto. Her designs were sold throughout Canada, New York, Chicago and Dallas until she stepped away from the business.  Her longstanding interest in, knowledge about, and commitment to a healthy lifestyle position her to deliver ‘Real World’ nutrition and lifestyle coaching and product recommendations to those who want her to assist them in dramatically improved health and vitality.

We have many shared interests and make a point of taking time to enjoy them together. These include reading, (we each read 3-4 books a month), kayaking, motorcycle touring, travel, hiking,  art, photography, the movies,  farmers markets, nutritional education, green sustainable living, clean renewable energy, environmental/wildlife preservation and natural resources conservation. We also enjoy excellent food, (Lisa is a fabulous and creative cook) earthy wines, raw cheeses with character and very dark chocolate … most of it in the company of our Maltese dog ‘Casper’ and a few close friends. You’ll find us frequenting organic foods-based farmers markets gathering local produce where we purchase at least 90% of our food.

We are especially proud of our two son’s Shannon and Erik.  Working together, they are extremely successful entrepreneurs based out of Denver. In 2010 they founded  In 2014 they reached #698 on Inc magazine’s 1000 fastest growing companies in the US. They continue to grow their company at an impressive rate.

Of course, we really enjoy being grandparents to three terrific young grandchildren!

Rock Duffy’s Relationship and Life Coaching Program

As you can see from even this tiny bit of my background, I’m fortunate to have a wealth of experience and education. I have a keen interest in business and helping people.  Much of my life has been dedicated to helping businesses and individuals develop their potential. Perhaps I can help you too find your inner keys to Happiness and Success through Private Coaching!