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We all live in a Sea of Interpretations

Learn how those interpretations control us . . .often to our detriment, and how we can make more accurate, life enhancing interpretations!

From your own unique recipe of genes, childhood environment, education,  experience and INTERPRETATIONS comes YOU! You have been forged through time, and you have made a great many interpretations about what everything you have ever seen, heard and experienced meant.  This process continues! Each and every day you process EVERYTHING through the filter of your past and make interpretations about what everything you see, hear and experience ‘Means.’

Past experiences and present stressful conditions increase the potential for highly reactive ‘INTERPRETATIONS’ that can extract a heavy and unanticipated cost.

The filters through which we view life and make our interpretations were predominantly formed long ago. Too often, they were based on false information. Discover how this process happened, how it continues, how it may have hurt and limited you . . . and what you can do about it now!

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